// Basic CON 4121 Video Dragon by Goepel
The Video Dragon by Goepel (Germany) can generate and evaluate image and video data in infotainment systems. It features checking of high-speed connections (LVDS) or HDMI interfaces, and in addition:

- Generation and evaluation of video data,
- Configuration as a frame grabber or frame generator,
- Broad spectrum of interchangeable serializer/deserializer types, e.g. for APIX 1/2, FPD Link I/II/III, HDMI, GMSL,
- Integrated onboard processor with video co-processor FPGA for signal processing,
- Time stamp (real time clock) for data recording,
- Saving of image data in the device or on external SSD/HDD via eSATA,
- Precise pixel comparison of different frames,
- Optional CAN or LIN interface to test item control.

With the Video Dragon test system, generated and transferred frames can be compared at the pixel level. The modular system structure allows the device’s configuration as a frame grabber or frame generator. The system is a stand-alone device that by means of exchangeable serializer/deserializer modules supports the following specifications and protocols: APIX 1/2, FPD Link I/II/III, HDMI, GMSL (Gigabit multimedia serial link). Display control is possible via CAN or LIN.

Data communication with the device under test can be carried out with the protocols I2C or SPI. Data recorded with the test system is directly transferred to a display connected to the frame grabber. An electronic control unit (ECU) for data visualization is not required. Image and video sequence recording is done in compressed or raw data format. Using eSATA, users can store image data within the device or on an external SSD/HDD card.

The CAN or LIN communication interface synchronizes bus systems and helps control and configure the unit under test. The passive cooling concept provides a soundless utilization in any environment. With an extended temperature range between -40 °C and +70 °C, the test system can be applied in test drives in a real vehicle.


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