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The Test Systems business unit is based on the development and integration of operating, monitoring and data test systems for validating electrical characteristics and quality tests using data collection boards, generators and specific equipment for the collection and analysis of signals and data.

The Test Systems Unit is responsible for:

  • Research and development of specific electronic equipment;
  • Assembly and testing of small sets of electronic components;
  • Development of Automatic Testing Equipment - ATE Systems for functional tests on electronic components;
  • Integration of various test levels for electronic equipment;
  • Monitoring of Durability and Quality tests in climatic, vibration and noise chambers and field analysis;
  • Development of various types of standard tests:
      • BURN-IN and RUN-IN;
      • Environmental Stress Screening;
      • Noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

  • Within this business unit, Controlar has been working with various manufacturers of worldwide reference, as is the case of the North American multinational, National Instruments and Agilent by Rohde & Schwarz, with which Controlar has partnerships and develops graduate and duly certified engineers.
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