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Kinova Robotics is a Canadian company that offers innovative solutions for personal assistance to empower and support people with disabilities. Moreover, the company develops robotic arms for industrial applications and academic research. KINOVA® products stand out for their ease of installation, configuration and transport.

CONTROLAR is a partner of Kinova Robotics in the field of research and industrial applications, being the official distributor of KINOVA® products in Portugal and Spain.

New Gen3 Ultra lightweight: pathbreaking robots for pathbreaking research

Extremely versatile and light, KINOVA® Gen3 Ultra lightweight is designed to help researchers get maximum value across multiple projects, applications and environments. Among the Gen3 Ultra lightweight optimized features are:

- Embedded 2D/3D vision, ideal vision-based applications
- Torque sensor in each joint
- Simpler connectivity – adaptable for multiple application needs
- Quick connection to multiple controllers
- Servoing mode: direct access to each individual actuator (closed-loop control at 1 kHz)

The result is a state-of-the-art robotic arm which adds to KINOVA®'s portfolio of ultralight, portable and versatile robotic arms. The brochure is available here.

JACO robot: the ultralight solution for the heaviest applications

The JACO robot allows the accomplishment of several functions and movements, featuring the following characteristics:

- Simple plug & play connection
- Arm reach: from 750 to 984 mm
- Degrees of freedom (DoF): 4, 6 or 7 rotary joints
- Embedded controller in the base of the robotic arm
- Weight: from 3.6 kg to 5.5 kg (including controller)
- Payload: from 2.4 kg to 4.4 kg
- Very low power consumption (25W average)

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KINOVA Robotics GEN 3 brochure
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