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Controlar was founded in 1995 by Fernando Leite and Pedro Torres, two electro-technical engineers who worked together at the former Blaupunkt (today Bosch) in the city of Braga, Portugal. With strong entrepreneurship skills and a high degree of know-how in the area of operating tests for car radios, the two founders soon detected a business opportunity in this area and decided to create Controlar. In the beginning their main and sole customer was Blaupunkt for whom they developed hardware and software for production test systems. Then, during its early years, Controlar grew in a solid and sustained manner, supported by their founders’ technological background, high-level skills and expertise. The goal then was to capture the national market for car radios, but it was not soon after that the company began assuming a global positioning and expanding its business to main international manufacturers in this area.

In 1998, Controlar had the opportunity to diversify its field of activity within the industrial automation sector, by entering the plastics and molds sector. It started with the development and production of checking machines for technical plastic parts (car industry) to test their quality and monitor their performance. Still within the technical plastics sector for the car industry, Controlar developed know-how and equipment in the welding and hot cutting areas, such as fully automatic assembly and welding lines, and semi-automatic hot cutting machines.

From 1999 to 2004, Controlar started to clearly divide its business into three strategic units:

Test Systems, Controlar's core business which was expanded to other areas, such as the development of test equipment for testing the reliability of electronic components in laboratories;
Automation Systems, which began in the plastics industry but quickly spread to other car component and chemical processing industries;
Auto-ID Systems, aimed at the sale of automatic identification equipment such as barcode readers.

From 2005 to 2010, Controlar worked very closely with key clients in the car industry on a worldwide level, such as BOSCH, DELPHI and VISTEON, and began to create standard software products, equipment and tools. The company boost its business, maximizing its growth in an exponential manner with the sale of products such as BURN-IN or SCREENING. Simultaneously, Controlar made a serious commitment to the ISO 9001 certification, as a result of its investment to ensure the highest level of Innovation and Quality Management in design, development and production.

In 2009, Controlar began to implement its internationalization strategy: initially, boosted by its own international customers and later co-financed by the QREN SI-Qualification and Internationalization project, which promoted the company expansion to various markets and structural performances in the qualification of the company, in terms of both marketing and sales strategies.

By the end of 2010 and beginning of 2011, Controlar experienced yet another quantitative jump with the acquisition of the participation in two Spanish companies acting in the same field, although with different focus, and present in markets where Controlar was not yet active, such as India, Brazil and Mexico. Such allowed Controlar to speed up its internationalization project reaching important markets in a faster and more efficient manner. This also allowed Controlar to diversify its performance in areas, which were hard to reach until then, as for example the Aerospace Industry.

In 2011, Controlar renews its corporate image and brand to convey a new message of lightness, empathy and strong will.

The following years were dedicated to a strong commitment to research, development and innovation, which led to the NP 4457 Certification for Research, Development and Innovation and to the ISO 14001 Certification for Environmental management in 2012.

In 2013 the company settled its main office and production facilities in 2500 m2 state-of-the-art infrastructures in an Industrial Complex in Alfena, near Porto, Portugal, which were totally renewed in 2016. The company has also 400 sqm2 working facilities in Montijo, near Lisbon. This delegation is responsible for commercial activity and customers’ support in the south of Portugal.
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