Production-Ready Automotive Radar Test System


  • High-resolution testing and validation solution for automotive radars OTA
  • (Over-the-Air) testing performed on a shielded/anechoic environment
  • Multiple target simulation with control of specific parameters (RCS, distance, velocity, etc.)
  • Simultaneous characterization of the radar antenna’s radiation diagram
  • Robust connectors and modular fixturing for dozens of thousands of mating cycles


PARTS is a high-resolution test solution developed by CONTROLAR for testing automotive radars in the production line (EoL). It ensures automated pass/fail automotive radar validation for quality control and safety compliance.

PARTS is suitable for multimode radars (Longe-range, Medium-range and Short-range Radars) covering multiple frequency bands (24; 76-77; 77-81 GHz) and includes a 3D pan-tilt system for radar antenna’s radiation diagram and EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) measurement.

Based on a semi-automatic process and high-quality fixturing for quick change over, it allows easy operation and product maneuvering by the user. This high-quality test solution can be integrated into automated factory production lines.

Product configuration

PARTS is an all-in-one solution composed of various blocks: 

  • Radar Target Generator (*)
  • Semi-automatic load/unload of radar Unit Under Test (UUT)
  • Anechoic and shielded chamber for testing and validation of radar
  • UUTs Baseline machine – main computer, HMI, PLCs for automation and motors control, electrical board, etc.

(*) Powered by R&S® AREG100A automotive radar echo generator

Main applications

PARTS is specifically suited for the Automotive industry for the functional testing of radar components.

Reference technical specifications

Dimensions (in mm)

976 (W) x 1750 (L) x 2030 (H) 

Target generator specs: 

No. of objects


Radial velocity

Radar Cross Section (RCS)


Up to 4 artificial objects at pre-configured distances (variable distance option is under development)

4 m – 300 m (minimum air gap of 0.8 m; extendable up to 1.20 m)

± 500 km / h (desvios de doppler para todos os objetos ou para cada objeto individual - em desenvolvimento)

±40 dBsm configurable per individual object (e.g. metal can, human being, car, truck, etc.)

Monostatic (e.g. MIMO Radar meas.) and Bistatic (e.g. high isolation) options

Frequency Bands

24.05-24.25/24.5 GHz; 76-77 GHz; 77-81 GHz ETSI EN 301 091-1; ETSI EN 302 264; ETSI EN 301 489-51; ETSI EN 302 858; ETSI EN 303 396; 2014/53/EU (RED)

Power Supply

100-230 VAC @ 50/60 Hz Rated current: 16 A (20 A max.)

Adtional l/O

IF input for interference generation IF output for spectrum/power analysis

CE Marked

Fully compliant

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