Test System Intelligent MachineHighlightsHighly flexible and modular (Zero Force Quick ChangeOver concept) High reliability and cost-efficient measurements User-centered eco-design to meet high...
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Production-Ready Automotive Radar Test SystemHighlightsHigh-resolution testing and validation solution for automotive radars OTA(Over-the-Air) testing performed on a shielded/anechoic environment...
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Leak Tester for Quality Control and Automatic Leak Test
Available for inline productionHIGHLIGHTS• Precise verification of applicable leak limits,• Reliable diagnosis of the leakage rate (quantification),• Accurate calibration of the...
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Ethernet Test System for Highly Efficient Conversion of BroadR-Reach protocolHIGHLIGHTS• For all BroadR-Reach equipped systems that require conversion to Ethernet, • Capacity for 15 modules with...
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Stable and Silent Vibration Test System
Ready for inline productionHIGHLIGHTS• Highly stable and safe thanks to anti-vibration supports,• Minimization of applied forces and camouflaged noise due to silent-block mounted platforms,•...
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Climatic Stress Screening
Climatic Stress Screening is one of the Highly Accelerated Life Tests that is being widely used by all manufactures in the automotive, aeronautics and train industries.
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Studies conducted by reliability specialists on electronic products lifetime show that these products present a high failure rate in the beginning of their lifetime.
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Basic CON 4121 Video Dragon by Goepel
The Video Dragon by Goepel (Germany) can generate and evaluate image and video data in infotainment systems.
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