End-to-End Industrial IoT Platform with Distributed End-User Applications


  • Use of LoRaWAN® as an alternative network for IIoT/I4.0 projects
  • Multi-protocol gateway offering LoRaWAN® and Wi-Fi coverage
  • Real-time monitoring with various integration plugins
  • Scalability for more data sources and combined data, fostering a real digital transformation


COIOTE is a highly scalable IoT solution for industrial applications that leverages LoRaWAN® and Wi-Fi communication for longer range coverage of a diversity of sensors, actuators and gateways. The solution is supported on a Cloud-based or applied on premises server, which can accommodate thousands of sensors/actuators and gateways, providing a set of plugins that act as OPC-UA client/server, MQTT/AMQP broker, Modbus TCP/RTU, among several others. These are highly suitable for direct connection of common industrial devices (e.g. PLCs).

UGUI enables remote and automated software-driven management, visualization and automation of processes and end devices via different communication standards, in a distributed manner.

System Architecture

COIOTE Industrial IoT Platform comprises the following components:

COIOTE NODE - Embedded circuits with sensors/end devices located at the sensing and/or actuation points, being compatible with commercial solutions for LoRaWAN® and Wi-Fi compliant modules. Custom designed nodes with LoRaWAN® and Wi-Fi communication are available (e.g. energy metering, smart composting and industry 4.0 IoT cases).

COIOTE GATEWAY - Multi-protocol LoRaWAN®/Wi-Fi gateway, which gathers the data from the nodes and forwards it to the COIOTE SERVER via a secure TCP/IP MQTT protocol. The gateway can be managed in a web user interface (UI) easily accessed from any browser.

COIOTE SERVER - Cloud-based hosted or applied on premises and supported on open-source solutions. Manipulates the uplink data from the gateways (both COIOTE GATEWAY or other commercial solution) and schedules the downlink data intended for node actuation. Supports all the main functions of a server (user management, data visualization, etc.) and can be managed remotely in a web user interface (UI).

COIOTE MONITOR (UGUI) - Universal Graphical User Interface with a modern design ideal for standardizing the interfaces of industrial machines. It grants ease of use and distributed access from any equipment, either on the machine itself, or mobile devices, separating the display layer from the functional operating layer of the machine.

Main Applications

COIOTE & UGUI are best suited for industry 4.0 applications that require many and diversified sensors/actuators with longer range coverage of entire industrial plants via different communication protocols. Examples include utilization on the monitoring process of floor plan parameters and metrics to remote management and actuation of industrial machinery, among many other industrial IoT use cases.

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